Proactively detect and track aquatic organisms in your waterways for effective response.

EQO Dx proprietary environmental RNA technologies detect invasive, native, endangered, and toxic organisms at the single molecule level with actionable data to support the success of your program.

Clear Water Lake


Real-time, Automated, Detection & Forecasting

How Can We Help?

  • Ballast Water Management System (BWMS) effectiveness testing

  • Harmful algal bloom forecasting with severity prediction (in process)​​

  • Near real time, automated, detection and forecasting of human health relevant toxins

    • Harmful algae

    • Toxic diatoms​

    • Toxic dinoflagellates

    • Toxic red and green algae


Aquatic Invasives

How Can We Help?

  • The Calypso automated platform protects critical infrastructure from biofouling and lakes and rivers from infestation.

  • The Osprey Survey System allows for comprehensive baseline analyses, including risk analysis and forecasting of potential infestation pathways.

  • Deep RNA and DNA analytics improve mitigation efforts through population stress assessment, efficiency improvements, and determination of efficacy to decrease treatment time and cost.

Native & Endangered

New, Low-cost, High-efficiency Solutions

How Can We Help?

  • Automated or manual collection of high volume DNA and RNA samples using the Calypso or Osprey systems. Both DNA and RNA are extracted from all samples

  • DNA allows EQO to track historic population trends and level of interaction between populations through eDNA analysis and metabarcoding.

  • RNA analysis allows EQO to detect relative abundance of live members of a population and analyze population stress response. 

  • The combination of high volume, high sensitivity RNA and DNA analysis opens new, low cost, high efficiency solutions for conservation and regulatory compliance.

Decrease Treatment Time & Cost



EQO Dx proprietary environmental RNA technologies monitor and detect aquatic species of interest (e.g. invasive, native, endangered, toxic organisms) at the single molecule level with actionable data to support the success of your program.

EQO is also developing EQO Rx, an  eradication solution.

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EQO Dx: Aquatic population analytics powered by RNA.

  • EQO is the only company capable of offering eRNA solutions, providing the necessary metrics for scalable prevention and mitigation.

  • EQO offers scalable automated collection and preservation of biological samples for targeted and highly sensitive eDNA and eRNA analytics. 

       Learn about CALYPSO

EQO Rx: The prescription for restoration.

  • Environmentally friendly, biotherapeutic, eradication solution being developed with the support of the National Science Foundation and Bureau of Reclamation for the control of invasive mussels.

  • Biomolecule packaged in an attenuated, not live, microalgae delivery vector.

  • Based on previous research in the field of oncology which has seen clinical efficacy for the treatment of cancer without harm to non-tumor cells.