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Curious about what's living in your lake, river, wetland, or marine ecosystem? 

eDNA and eRNA can be used to detect and determine invasive, endangered, and microbiological aquatic species to support public and private sector efforts to manage biodiversity and aquatic ecosystem health. 

We are experts in environmental genomics,
helping you understand presence and activity of species and population dynamics in your aquatic ecosystem  

As a specialized environmental testing lab, EQO serves both public and private clients responsible for lakes, rivers, reservoirs, wetlands, estuaries and marine ecosystems that face mounting challenges from climate change, pollution, and environmental threats. Much like addressing human health, the journey to ensuring aquatic ecosystem vitality and diversity starts with genomics, transcriptomics, and bioinformatics

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EQO is biotech lab focused on organism detection and biological monitoring in aquatic ecosystems 

Our clients are seeking a lab that can support their testing needs in both freshwater and saltwater

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Under Water

Coastal Marine

We are passionate about supporting efforts to manage biodiversity in mangroves, estuaries, and habitats at where the ocean meets land

Calm Lake


Lakes, rivers, wetlands, reservoirs and other freshwater waterbodies are becoming increasingly impaired, EQO is dedicated to supporting restoration efforts. 

About EQO

Drawing from his expertise in cancer research, John Higley founded EQO because he recognized the critical demand for an environmental genomics lab dedicated solely to organism detection and biological monitoring. Dive deeper into Founder & CEO John Higley's vision and how we are applying cancer detection technology for public health & safety, environmental protection, and aquatic ecosystem health and biodiversity.

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Problems our lab helps you address 

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Contact us if you have questions or would like advice from our experts. EQO welcomes the opportunity to support your aquatic ecosystem testing needs. 

Fill out the project survey form and will get back to you within one working day. 

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