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EQO is leading the way in the combat against Aquatic Invasive Species. 

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Our technologies can control aquatic invasive species, protect endangered species, and prevent future disruptions of sustainable ecosystems. 


Sampling is done onsite with EQO automated samplers then collected and shipped to EQO for analysis.


EQO analyzes genetic materials to detect stages of infestation, providing customers with actionable information.


 EQO automated collection system can be semi-permanently installed onsite to monitor population activity.


EQO will start offering environmentally-friendly, biotherapeutic, eradication solution of zebra mussels in Spring 2021.

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The Spread of
Zebra Mussels

Zebra mussels are an aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) that have been spreading across the United States at an alarming rate since the 1980s. AIS populations quickly reproduce without any natural predators to keep their populations in control. Mussels have been creating public health issues by increasing the risk and severity of toxic algae blooms. They decimate native ecology, disrupt fisheries, and biofoul critical water infrastructure.

Sadly, technology has been ineffective and incapable of stopping their spread. In Spring 2021, EQO will start offering a cost efficient, environmentally-friendly, biotherapeutic product capable of full eradication without negatively impacting the native ecosystem. 

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Invasive mussels are making their way west with no end in sight. EQO has the technology to stop their spread.

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We envision a world in which whole aquatic environmental management is possible for public health, conservation, commerce, and recreation.


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