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Our lab specializes in diagnostics for aquatic ecosystems, spanning lakes, ponds, rivers, wetlands, estuaries, inner coastal waterways, and open oceans.  EQO's eRNA and eDNA-powered lab testing capabilities help our clients detect, diagnose, and monitor a wide range of biodiversity-related challenges.  


Species Diagnostics

Delve into the intricate details of any species of interest whether invasive, endangered, or native - we measure their historic abundance, current abundance, metabolic activity, and overall vitality.

  • Do you know the true abundance and vitality of the species you're studying or trying to manage?

  • How can understanding the abundance and metabolism of a species empower your ecological projects?


Population Dynamics

Provide a holistic view of how species function within their populations and environments. We analyze inter-species relationships, external influences, and broader ecological trends.

  • Are you aware of how external factors are influencing the dynamics of your aquatic population?

  • How might the interactions between endangered and invasive species be affecting your ecosystem's balance?

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Microbiome Diagnostics

With our proprietary technology, we offer truly reproducible diagnostics to identify pollution sources, biosecurity threats, and human health impacts to gauge the activity of potential toxin producers providing a comprehensive microbial overview.

  • Are unknown microbial elements compromising the health and balance of your aquatic systems?

  • How confident are you in your current understanding of potential biosecurity threats in your waters?

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Biodiversity Audit

Gauge the overall health and risks of aquatic ecosystems. From spotting invasive species risks to ensuring compliance with environmental regulations, EQO assists in evaluating the impact of various activities on waterway conditions and verifying environmental bond claims.

  • Are your projects and activities aligning with the health goals you have for your aquatic ecosystem?

  • How are you ensuring your commitments to environmental best practices, especially in a world increasingly focused on compliance?

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