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Helping them get a more complete story with genetic testing

EQO's lab services help public and private owners, operators, and consultants manage the freshwater or marine ecosystem they are responsible for.  

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Invasive Species

"Our client was facing several devastating outbreaks of aquatic invasive species. The only lab we will use for getting genetic information on aquatic populations going forward is EQO "

~Wendy, Aquatic Ecologist

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Endangered Species & Biodiversity

"We have been working with environmental testing labs for years, but the eDNA and eRNA capabilities we found at EQO help us get high-resolution insights into native species at risk that would have been impossible had we not started using EQO."

~Suresh, Engineering Consultant

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Public Health & Safety

" We work with dozens of labs to help us monitor surface water health & safety, but for panels that require more complex genetic testing, our first call is to EQO's to access their eRNA and eDNA testing services"

~Courtney, Government oversight

of aquatic ecosystems

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