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About us

Leveraging biotech
to preserve, protect, and restore ecosystem health

At EQO, we believe in the power of biotechnology to diagnose and rejuvenate the health of our world's ailing aquatic ecosystems. Rooted in Austin, our environmental laboratory specializes in eRNA and eDNA applications, offering advanced solutions to safeguard and restore the well-being of surface water bodies.


Our Lab Capabilities

At EQO, we expand the possibilities of aquatic health assessments by integrating both genomic and transcriptomic analyses. Supported by Osprey, our specialized field sampling platform, our lab ensures accuracy from the initial collection to the final insights. Partner with us for cutting-edge diagnostics and a team that is committed to aquatic ecosystem health.

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The Osprey Platform

While traditional lake water sample methods meet basic requirements, EQO's eRNA and eDNA analysis requires high-volume water sampling.  The Osprey Platform empowers clients to easily collect high-volume samples in the field and send them back to our lab. 

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Our Mission

Our mission is to harness the unique capabilities of biotechnology and enable clients to comprehensively understand and proactively safeguard the health of their aquatic ecosystems - from lakes and reservoirs to diverse watersheds.  It would be an honor to collaborate and help provide insights into your aquatic ecosystem.

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