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It's Been a Minute

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

A message from our CEO:

Long overdue greetings and updates are in order in advance of Q4. As such, I want to let everyone in on a few updates around the lab.

  1. We have formalized and expanded our partnership with Veracet, a company with a groundbreaking whole microbiome analytics platform for environmental analytics. Veracet is the perfect partner for EQO and we are already working together on a number of projects. On that note...

  2. EQO has partnered with the United States Coast Guard (USCG), in association with the Navy Research Lab (NRL), to produce, 1) a probe and protocol for detection of live microalgae in challenge water for ballast water management system type approval, 2) a multiplex probe and protocol for detection of toxic bacteria, and 3) development and implementation of a whole microbiome analytics platform for validation of ballast water management efficacy and biosecurity applications. Step 1 has already been completed and validated to effectively detect life signal from all microalgae within the genus of interest with no off target signal. Steps 2 and 3 are in process with close collaboration between EQO, Veracet, USCG, and NRL.

  3. EQO completed a project with Baylor University that allows for surface to ground water transition tracing using EQO proprietary DNA and RNA technologies. The level of sensitivity required for using nucleic acids as a tracer for surface to ground water transition has not been performed effectively in the past and is only available through the use of EQO equipment and protocols. Look out for a journal article on this topic.

  4. EQO successfully completed a phase one SBIR grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to develop a zebra and quagga mussel specific biopesticide. The results were extremely promising. EQO looks forward to moving into phase two, which will focus on scale-up, EPA approval, and commercialization.

  5. EQO has expanded from the invasive species prevention business into biosecurity and the protection and monitoring of endangered species.

We are not at liberty to disclose client and/or project specifics here, but send along a message through the website and we will be happy to discuss what we are able to. Client confidentiality is paramount to EQO, so we will not be able to disclose any sensitive information without pre-clearance, but we are always happy to discuss what we can and make connections. In short, EQO is growing and expanding. We currently offer a full suite of services for all biological needs in the fields of biosecurity, native and endangered species preservation, and invasive species infestation prevention and mitigation, all through the power of RNA. We look forward to hearing from you.

Warm Regards,


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