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Marité Ball joins EQO as Director of Business Development

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

We're Half Way Through 2020

Would love to shake your hand, but...

For pretty much everyone, this year has been, in a word, challenging. We look forward to interacting with you all in person as soon as possible. EQO is open and here to help. We're starting by expanding and focusing on the Great Lakes Region starting Q3 2020.

Welcome to the Team!

Marité Ball has joined EQO as our Director of Business Development. Marité is based in the Cleveland / Akron Ohio area and will spearhead our efforts to protect and restore the Great Lakes Region. Marité Ball is a business pioneer with 20+ years of experience in Marketing and Business Development with both Fortune 500 companies and SMEs. She has launched new products and introduced new technologies in the United States, Europe, Latin-America and Asia. Most recently as founder of Blue & Green Planet Ltd, she has helped start-ups commercialize and scale-up new technologies in the Water sector and Renewable Energy space.  She is an active member of several Water Alliances and Environmental organizations, a Climate advocate and a champion of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).Marité has a passion for accelerating purpose-driven solutions and is very excited to be joining the EQO team to help tackle the dire problem of Aquatic Invasive Species in the Great Lakes and beyond.

What We’re Up To

Year to date, EQO has been thriving in spite of the challenges presented before us. In March, we temporarily closed the laboratory to quarantine and were unable to continue work on our research initiatives. As of June 22nd, we have resumed work in the lab. EQO has implemented strict social distancing practices, limiting each lab to two people at a time. Masks are required for all employees, at all times, and a periodic COVID-19 testing protocol has been put into place in addition to temperature checks upon entry to the facility.  We're diving back in head first, full steam ahead, or whichever idiom you prefer. We have some big announcements regarding new projects, data, and wonderful new partners that we will be able to announce in the coming months; for now it's all very hush-hush, however. We are also pleased to announce that all of our test organism stocks have survived cryopreservation and long term growth storage over lock down.

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Thanks for the update John. Please stay in touch. Great news on Great Lakes projects. Stay safe!

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