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Webinar Series: Advanced Methodologies for Microbial Contamination Source Tracing

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

Friday, January 27, 2023 | 12:00PM CST

Join EQO CEO and Principal Scientist, John Higley; and Gary Andersen, PhD. Veracet Co-founder and CTO, Microbiology professor at UC Berkeley.

  • Do you really know what is in your water and where it is from? How is climate change impacting your watershed?

  • Learn how the combination of the high-volume sampling, eRNA and eDNA on-site preservation, and microarray-based microbiome analytics can improve contamination source tracing with high confidence.

  • Learn how these processes enable you to identify sources of fecal or other microbial contamination in your watershed and pinpoint locations for specific solutions.

  • Ask questions of content experts in these fields for insights about new technologies and comparisons to other technologies

These innovative technologies can detect over 58,000 microorganisms using a flow-through sample process combined with quick response laboratory analysis to accurately determine sources and extent of impact, whether species or feces.

The EQO Team

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