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Osprey Survey System O.S.S.

Osprey Survey System O.S.S.


Breakthrough environmental DNA + RNA scientific advances deliver the highest accuracy, predictive results and actionable information. 

EQO Dx O.S.S. engineered by SDI, is the first sample collection system enabling early-stage detection of Aquatic Invasive Species or targeted live organisms - for rapid response and effective mitigation.

    • Detect Live vs Dead Organisms: EQO Dx proprietary technology captures and preserves traces of genetic materials of live organisms of interest.
    • Easy-to-Use Portable Device: EQO OSS ships with user-friendly sampling instructions and return shipping labels. Osprey is perfect for multiple geo-spatial site surveys.
    • Diagnostics Report with Actionable Information: EQO provides clients with a dashboard and full report to show stages of infestation and recommendation for appropriate action.
  • Will ship to the address of your choice after receipt of payment.

    You will have return labels to ship back cartridges to EQO. 

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