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Curious about what's living in your lake, river, wetland, or estuary? 

eRNA & eDNA technology can be used to detect and determine invasive, endangered, and microbiological aquatic species to support public and private sector efforts to manage aquatic ecosystem health

We are experts in eRNA and eDNA,
helping you understand presence of species or population dynamics in your aquatic ecosystem.  

As a specialized environmental testing lab, EQO serves both public and private clients responsible for lakes, rivers, reservoirs, wetlands, and other vital watershed assets that face mounting challenges from climate change and pollution runoff. Much like addressing human health, the journey to ensuring aquatic ecosystem vitality and diversity starts with precise detection, diagnostics, and monitoring.

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I started this lab... 

A word from our Founder & CEO

Drawing from his expertise in cancer research, John Higley founded EQO because he recognized the critical demand for a biotech lab dedicated solely to preserving aquatic ecosystem health. Dive deeper into Founder & CEO John Higley's vision and how we are applying cancer detection technology for the environment.

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Our lab leverages eRNA and eDNA to help you address these problems


Invasive Species

Invasive species like Zebra & Quagga mussels threaten our aquatic ecosystems. EQO empowers clients to actively manage and mitigate these infestations.


BioSecurity Risks

The rise of Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) poses significant health and safety challenges. EQO partners with clients to address and manage these biosecurity threats.


Endangered Species

Pollution, climate shifts, and habitat loss endanger native species. With EQO, clients can effectively track and respond to changing population dynamics.

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