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Surface water risks challenge the public and private sectors 

Where we operate: 

  • Public Health & Safety  

  • Ecological Restoration & Environmental Protection

  • Commercial Fishing

  • Recreational Industries

Clear Water Lake

(Above) This lake's health challenges are more than simply a problem for the animals that live in and around it, this lake's 'sickness' present a public health & safety risk for the community's drinking water utility, the local power plant that relies on it for cooling needs, and all the companies, large and small, whose business will be negatively impacted by a 'sick' lake.   


Don't go near that lake, and definitely don't touch or drink the water !

EQO Capabilities

  • Ballast Water Management System (BWMS) effectiveness testing

  • Harmful algal bloom forecasting with severity prediction ​​

  • Near real-time, automated, detection and forecasting of human health-relevant toxins

    • Harmful algae

    • Toxic diatoms​

    • Toxic dinoflagellates

    • Toxic red and green algae


Aquatic Invasives

EQO Capabilities

  • The Calypso automated platform protects critical infrastructure from biofouling and lakes and rivers from infestation.

  • The Osprey allows for comprehensive baseline analyses, including risk analysis and forecasting of potential infestation pathways.

  • Deep RNA and DNA analytics improve mitigation efforts through population stress assessment, efficiency improvements, and determination of efficacy to decrease treatment time and cost.

Looks like there's an early stage infestation. Good thing we caught it early enough to do something.

Native & Endangered

Let's not only protect the species who have always lived here, lets enable them to thrive. 

EQO Capabilities

  • Automated or manual collection of high volume DNA and RNA samples using the Calypso or Osprey systems. Both DNA and RNA are extracted from all samples

  • DNA allows EQO to track historic population trends and level of interaction between populations through eDNA analysis and metabarcoding.

  • RNA analysis allows EQO to detect relative abundance of live members of a population and analyze population stress response. 

  • The combination of high volume, high sensitivity RNA and DNA analysis opens new, low cost, high-efficiency solutions for conservation and regulatory compliance.


EQO’s public and private sector clients own or manage lakes, rivers, reservoirs, wetlands, or other watershed ‘assets’ that are facing increasing stress due to the effects of a warmer atmosphere or pollution/run-off. Just like a human dealing with illness, the path to aquatic ecosystem health, safety, and biodiversity begins with diagnostics.  

Public Drinking Water Utility

A client in New York is utilizing EQO's tools to gain more visibility into source water risks, including aesthetics and possible contamination sources. 

Fisheries & Habitat Protection

A client in N California is utilizing EQO's tools to drive fisheries and habitat protection. 

Environmental Protection

A client in the Great Lakes region is utilizing EQO's tools to drive efforts to understand and mitigate invasive species threats. 

Department of Transporation 

A client in Texas is utilizing EQO's tools to understand and manage the impact of transportation infrastructure on native and endangered species. 

Contact us for a more detailed summary of each clients' need and the EQO solution

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