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EQO CEO, John Higley, will speak at WEFTEC | Sun, Oct. 9 | New Orleans

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Climate change is already impacting aquatic species. As fresh and marine waters warm, and precipitation patterns change with the warming climate, many endangered species may become even more threatened, native species may be displaced, or become threatened, ecosystems previously inhospitable to certain invasive species will become hospitable and some water bodies may move from being susceptible to infestation by certain species to inhospitable. Migration patterns are changing, water chemistries are changing, entire ecologies are changing.

New technologies, like EQO’s RNA based diagnostic platforms, will be needed to diagnose and prepare dynamic mitigation and conservation plans to combat the massive changes caused by climate change. EQO CEO, John Higley, will be speaking at WEFTEC about how eRNA and eDNA technology will be used to reduce harm and protect aquatic ecosystems in the face of a changing climate.

WEFTEC: WaterTech & Climate event

Sunday, Oct 09: 3:30 PM – 7:00 PM

5:05 p.m. Technology Showcase - Climate Adaptation


Hilton New Orleans Riverside

Two Poydras St

New Orleans, LA 70130

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