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Portable eRNA & eDNA water sampling 


​The Osprey is a portable water sampling system that simplifies the high-volume collection of eRNA and eDNA samples - these insights can be used for rapid response and efficient risk mitigation.

Harnessing cutting-edge environmental DNA and RNA science, Osprey offers unparalleled accuracy, predictive insights, and actionable water quality data.

  • Live vs Dead Organism Detection: With our proprietary technology, EQO Dx captures and retains genetic traces of live organisms, giving you an accurate snapshot of your aquatic environment.

  • User-Friendly Portable Device: The Osprey comes equipped with easy-to-follow sampling instructions and return shipping labels, making it an ideal companion for extensive geospatial site surveys.

  • Insightful Diagnostics Report: We equip our clients with a comprehensive dashboard and detailed report that depict infestation stages and recommend appropriate actions, turning data into actionable insights.

  • Direct Delivery: We send the Osprey directly to your doorstep, ensuring convenience and efficiency.

  • Comprehensive Guidance: Along with the Osprey, you'll receive both print and video materials to guide your sampling process.

  • Hassle-Free Returns: Simply send the Osprey and water samples back to our lab using the provided pre-made shipping labels.

  • Timely Insights: Expect actionable insights delivered to you within 1-2 weeks, helping you make informed decisions swiftly.

Live vs. Dead Detection

Leveraging EQO Dx's unique solution, we capture, analyze, and identify genetic traces of live organisms, providing you with crucial insights about your aquatic environment.

Convenient Set up & Mobility

The EQO Osprey arrives complete with a simple setup kit, clear instructions, and return shipping labels. Its design allows for easy transport to any site of interest.

Insightful Diagnostics & Actionable Information

EQO equips clients with a comprehensive report and user-friendly dashboard, delivering actionable intelligence for effective prevention, monitoring, and detection strategies.

Schedule Your Free Consultation

Tell us what you're experiencing and we'll walk you through the best solution and how to use the product, free of charge. Most importantly, once your water sample is tested, we can talk you through how to use the report. 

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