NEW Biotech Solution Revolutionizing Aquatic Monitoring

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Live (vs. dead) organisms and genetic signals of target species at the molecule level


The spread of nuisance species by identifying them early enough for
effective rapid response 

EQO's eDNA and eRNA Scientific Advances

EQO's targeted and highly-sensitive proprietary analytics enables rapid response. EQO CALYPSO allows autonomous early detection of live organisms at the single molecule level to prevent the spread of invasive species.


Ensure efficacy and quality of your mitigation operations 
with  EQO's highly-sensitive proprietary analytics measuring stress response to treatment


After EQO's initial Risk Assessment, you can track population dynamics with continuous reporting and monitoring

Prevent Costly Infestations

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 Autonomous sampling equipment enables automated remote
capture of genetic samples - at scale. 

Large Samples Monitored

Systematic, frequent, and efficient monitoring of large enough samples (up to 2000 liters - more representative and more sensitive). 

Less Labor Intensive

Significantly less labor intensive than traditional eDNA sampling.

Preserves eRNA

EQO CALYPSO preserves eRNA, genetic information that degrades relatively quickly in the environment and is the result of genetic activity of live organisms. 

Rapid Response

The best data for efficient and effective response to invasive species problems.

Installed Strategically

Placed at strategic locations, including where human intervention is unpractical, difficult or restricted.

Environmentally Friendly

EQO bio-monitoring platform helps both the detection of invasive species and the protection of native species. 

Protect Your Water Resources From Destructive AIS

Detect early-stage infestations via genetic signals at the single molecule level, before it is too late to control the infestation. 

Case Study

Early Stage Infestation Detected

Estimated $2 Million Saved by Avoiding Infestation

Samples analyzed for eRNA associated with a living and active zebra mussel populations showed mild positive signal. These results indicate an early stage infestation. Early response intervention was recommended and executed. This water body is no longer infested and continues to be monitored to keep it that way.

EQO is leading the way in the combat against Aquatic Invasive Species


We envision a world in which whole aquatic environmental management is possible for public health, conservation, commerce, and recreation.


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