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Fully automated, near-real-time monitoring


EQO's targeted and highly-sensitive proprietary analytics platform enables rapid response. EQO CALYPSO allows autonomous early detection of live organisms at the single molecule level for mitigation success.

* Patent Pending

  • Detect Live vs Dead Organisms: EQO Dx proprietary technology captures and preserves traces of genetic materials of live organisms of interest.

  • Automated Sampling and Preservation: EQO Calypso Automated Sampling Platform can be programmed to take genetic snapshot samples (RNA and DNA) of up to 2000 liters at a schedule that works for you. Samples are collected and preserved with ease.

  • Diagnostics Report with Actionable Information: EQO provides clients with a dashboard and full report to show stages of infestation and recommendation for appropriate action.

  • Will ship to the address of your choice after receipt of payment.

  • You will have return labels to ship back cartridges to EQO. 

Large Samples Monitored

Systematic, frequent, and efficient monitoring of large enough samples (up to 2000 liters - more representative and more sensitive). 

Less Labor Intensive

Significantly less labor intensive than traditional eDNA sampling.

Preserves eRNA

EQO CALYPSO preserves eRNA, genetic information that degrades relatively quickly in the environment and is the result of genetic activity of live organisms. 

Rapid Response

The best data for efficient and effective response to invasive species problems.

Installed Strategically

Placed at strategic locations, including where human intervention is unpractical, difficult or restricted.

Environmentally Friendly

EQO bio-monitoring platform is non-invasive, safe, and easy to use. No destruction or perturbation of the local environment.

Schedule Your Free Consultation

Tell us what you're experiencing and we'll walk you through the best solution and how to use the product, free of charge. Most importantly, once your water sample is tested, we can talk you through how to use the report. 

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