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Meeting all environmental microbiome analytics needs


Do you suspect microbial contamination of your lakes and rivers? Do you know where the pathogens, cyanobacteria, contamination, and microecology came from? What problems may occur? What your risk is?


Via our partnership with Veracet, EQO offers our clients the PhyloChip, which is the leading tool for analyzing the water to uncover science-based evidence to support your water management efforts.  With the PhyloChip, not only do we identify ALL the various bacteria living in your water but we also pinpoint the source of any fecal pollution.

  • This test can detect all bacteria at the DNA-level and measure their relative abundance to accurately compare how the microbial community is changing in your water.

  • RNA applications of the Phylochip enable EQO to analyze the metabolic activity of all bacteria and archaea. This enables myriad previously unavailable, deep analytic opportunities.

  • This test also identifies any potential source(s) of fecal contamination in your water sample to track health and safety risks.

  • Useful in cyanobacteria population diagnostics, pollution source tracing, smell and odor causation analysis, optimization of anaerobic activity, etc. Anything you need to know about your microbiome.

  • Add-on analytical service for any Calypso or Osprey based project

  • Quantitative report of all known bacteria and archaea

  • Closed system provides true and reproducible quantitation, unlike NGS

  • Your data can be gated to any population of interest

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Tell us what you're experiencing and we'll walk you through the best solution and how to use the product, free of charge. Most importantly, once your water sample is tested, we can talk you through how to use the report. 

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