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Harnessing Biotechnology to Revitalize Our Ailing Lakes and Waterways 

EQO is a pioneering biotechnology company, but our focus does not sit within the realm of human health. Our commitment is to harness the power of biotechnology to confront challenges in aquatic ecosystems - our lakes, rivers, wetlands, estuaries, and other vital water assets.

At EQO, we've innovated two next-generation field tools: the Osprey and the Calypso. Using our unique proprietary technology, these tools capture the eRNA of specific animal or microbial populations. But we don't stop there; our comprehensive lab support goes a step further. We offer eRNA and eDNA sample processing, as well as metagenomic and bioinformatic tools to assist our clients in three key areas: 1) thwarting invasive species infestations, 2) monitoring native and endangered species, and 3) identifying toxic organisms.

Our clientele, spanning both public and private sectors, are those who own or manage vital water assets. These include lakes, rivers, reservoirs, wetlands, or other watershed 'assets' that are under increased stress due to the impacts of climate change and pollution runoff. And much like a person combating illness, the journey to restoring the health, safety, and biodiversity of these aquatic ecosystems begins with accurate diagnostics.

"Our clients ask us “What’s living in our water, and what are the animals and/or microbiology populations doing?”  This is clearly an environmental protection question, but also public health & safety, and climate adaptation question. Plus, for companies whose operations rely on a lake, estuary, or reservoir, this question is also addresses business disruption risks.   


~ John Higley, Founder and CEO

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John Higley, MSc, CEO
19 years innovation in biotech, previous startup exited by IPO.


Brad Van, MBA, CFO
15 years experience in financial leadership at start-ups and in government.


Erika Schwarz, PhD,

Molecular ecology expert. Developed probes used as standard by NOAA for toxic algae detection.


Stefan Schuster, MSc, Co-Founder
20+ Years experience marketing in the water and environmental sector.


Tami Fratis, MBA 

Veteran PE investor and senior executive with leadership experience at start-ups through buy-outs.


Kevin Sofen


12 years in water and fire technology development, including start-ups and nonprofit 


John Robinson

Board Member 

14 years in water & wastewater including consulting, non-profrit, and venture capital

EQO is at the forefront of aquatic ecosystem diagnostics, detection, and monitoring.  It would be an honor to collaborate on your next water project.

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