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Innovative Tech Tuesday: Environmental Quality Operations

Updated: May 25, 2021

Webinar Hosted by Water Environment Association of Texas

Tuesday, May 18, 2021 @12-1pm


Advances in Science and the benefits of environmental DNA + RNA sample capture for Early Warning Systems and the Control of Infestations.

New biosensors and autonomous genetic sampling systems offer tangible solutions to:

  • Stop the spread and effectively control aquatic invasive species populations like Zebra mussels with eRNA-based early-stage detection at the single molecule level.

  • Perform continuous monitoring of target organisms.

  • Capture molecular samples earlier in the season and year-round - to anticipate, predict and prevent costly mitigation.

Thanks to breakthrough eRNA technologies and whole bio-monitoring processes, water stakeholders can now respond to new threats faster.

Anticipate – Predict – Act

Before it Happens!


John Higley, MSc – CEO of EQO Inc.

John started research for what became EQO in 2016 with the goal of bringing the modern molecular biology lab to the field of environmental biology. Prior to forming EQO, John worked on early cancer diagnostic platforms and microbiome analytics at Thermo Fisher Scientific and led the experimental therapeutics department as the Senior Director of R&D at Molecular Templates. John founded EQO following the successful development of EQO’s flagship detection platform; originally developed for a grant-funded study of three Texas lakes. At EQO, John has further developed RNA preservation and population dynamic analytics systems, a patent-pending automated collection, and preservation platform, and is developing an NSF and US-BoR-funded biopesticide for mitigation and eradication of zebra mussel infestation. John is a science advisor to the interagency working group on eDNA, which includes representatives from USGS, US-BoR, USFWS, and multiple state DNRs.


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